Mi Gyeong Lim

Communication Designer Hello. I am Communication Designer, who loves to deconstruct a social issue and objects and design an interactive narrative to solve them. Nowadays, I am exploring about how to integrate technology with design in a delightful and sustainable way, tailored the future users.
Jello Jiggle UX/UI Design 2016
Improve Auto-Finance Service Service Design 2017
Korean APT Typeface Interaction Design 2015/16
HateMate UX/UI Design 2015
Woof UX/UI Design 2016
Dr.parking APP UX Design 2016/17
E.ON Global Website UX/UI Design 2017/18
Framer Practice UX/UI Design 2017
Space Drawing Experimentation & Research 2012
Dream House Participatory Design 2015
Piloti Design Participatory Design 2016
Communicate Conductor Experimentation & Research 2014